The Gorgie Story


Hi! I’m Kristy, the owner and founder of Gorgie Gowns, LLC. First & foremost, I’m a mom of two, Keegan & Madigan (affectionately known as “Gorgie) & a lucky bonus mom of two more, Laine & Jake. I’m a Jesus follower everyday, a coffee-a-holic by morning, an Interior Designer by day, & a Hallmark movie junkie by night. And last but not least, I am a sucker for all things Gorgie! While I see the unique beauty & quality of high end items, I admittedly love a great deal! Can you relate? 

Throughout the last many COVID-filled months, memory making moments with family & friends have been put on hold, and while things aren’t quite back to “normal” yet, our new normal is thankfully allowing some of those moments to again take place. 

It’s from this recent lack of connection & togetherness that that idea of Gorgie Gowns was born. I wanted to create a special place where your family & friends can finally come together to begin the celebration with anticipation of these memory making events.

The moment you walk through our doors, our expert Gorgie Girl Stylists will make sure you feel truly attended to throughout the process of finding your Gorgie Gems! 

Need a pristine condition, nearly new gown for Prom, Homecoming, Wedding, Gala, Sorority Formal, Pageant or Military Ball? Need a tie for your guy to compliment your gown? Is your gown nearly a perfect fit but just needs a recommendation for a fabulous seamstress that can take care of a few tweaks here & there? Need to know who to go to for a killer event hairstyle or a set of lashes? Need to know where to get beautiful flowers? You name it … we’ve got you covered! 

Come see us at Gorgie Gowns & let us be your ONE STOP GORGIE SHOP!